Search Tips

The modern web overflows with superficial, outdated, misinformed, and inaccurate information. In addition, an overwhelming amount of the educational (Q&A, tutorials, books, etc.) content online is aimed at the beginner. This is only natural, as: there will always be far more beginners; producing content for beginners has a lower barrier to entry; in today’s ad-ridden web the strongest reasons probably boil down to incentives and market forces. Of course, this is not a jab at beginners, as we were all beginners once, and if we try new things (as we should) we will always be a novice in one field or another. Read more...

Learning From Downtime

Humans need what I will refer to as downtime, to process both new and old information. Call it voluntary outage, or commonly, to disconnect, go off the grid, my definition: absolutely no external distractions. That means your phone is out of the picture, so is TV, radio, music, and definitely talking to anyone but yourself. Solitude? Sure, but of a kind you can have even taking a walk in a bustling city. Read more...
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